We partner with individuals and organizations who create value for people and place.

We are a team of designers, strategists, coaches, consultants, facilitators, inter-generational communicators, systems thinkers, capacity builders, and storytellers.


Our Mission

A healthy and resilient world needs courageous leaders and creative organizations. Owl, Fox & Dean exists to develop the potential of people, organizations, and ideas. We help our clients gain clarity around what is, imagine what can be, and implement what will be with clear vision and purpose.

Our Thinking

Testimonials of our work

My team needed a facilitator to help a group of government elites come to consensus on their learnings, the group’s next steps and key deliverables. This was after a productive, but long four days of meetings. Caleb and his team did a fantastic job of guiding the group to uncover what they had learned, what was of value to them, and how they could progress the work they had started in Boston, once they went home. I appreciated Caleb’s thoughtfulness and preparation in understanding the group and their goals, as well as his follow-through after the facilitation. His deep understanding of organizational dynamics, as well as the group’s context drove to a successful result for both the group as well as my team.
— Cathy Wissink, Senior Director, Technology & Civic Engagement at Microsoft New England
Instrument engaged with Caleb and his team on an extensive leadership coaching exercise for just about every employee here. We couldn’t be happier with the results and it’s showing across all disciplines and levels. Caleb crafted his plan with a broad strategy, but tailored his approach to the individual, making everyone feel special while still attacking broader goals for the team. Instrument partners worked directly with Caleb to review his findings and results and also integrated his suggestions in our team reviews and individual career development. Honestly, I’ve never been a fan of outside consultants, we’ve always handled our internal development ourselves. But Caleb listened and tuned his program to the evolving needs of our studio to bring about the most effective results. I’m proud to have worked with Caleb and our team members routinely mention their interactions with Caleb and his team among the highlights of their career at Instrument. We look forward to round 2 whenever that may be and expect Caleb to have huge success with any client he partners with.
— Vince LaVecchia, Partner & COO at Instrument