Professional coaching for intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs.

We work one-on-one with people who are innovating within an organization or building one of their own.

Coaching for Intrapreneurs

The term "intrapreneuring" was first used by a friend and mentor of ours, Gifford Pinchot III, to describe people who innovate within the context of existing organizations. We work with people who are creating new value and changing dynamics within companies - emerging leaders who are stretching into new levels of understanding and influence. This approach combines leadership and personal development with systems dynamics, organizational design principles, and effective communication techniques.

Coaching for Entrepreneurs

We work with founders to help them focus and refine their business model and vision for their company while developing themselves and increasing their capacity to lead effectively. This approach integrates leadership, personal development, negotiation, and business model design.

Our Philosophy on Leadership

Leadership is a practice.

There's so much information on leadership out there. Too much of it is focused on the traits that other people think you need to have. We believe that leadership is a practice accessible to all. Our approach helps you develop a deep understanding of what effective leadership looks like for you.

Rather than telling you what it takes to be a leader, we'll guide you to better understand yourself, the people you work with, and the context in which you operate, so you can build the capacity to lead effectively.

Our Approach

Our approach to coaching combines the disciplines of systems thinking, design thinking, and strategic planning and is based on the Personal Leadership Canvas - a tool we designed to integrate a variety of models and schools of thought.

We've worked with over 100 individuals in more than 800 hours of direct coaching to develop and refine our method. Our coaching clients have included creative professionals, project managers, naval mechanics, recent MBA grads, fashion designers, entrepreneurs, retail managers, small business owners, and executives.