Organizational design and development for rapidly growing and changing companies.

We are dedicated partners who understand the needs of people, the dynamics of teams, and the complexity of organizations. We help companies increase their capacity to innovate, transform, and grow.


We build capacity at three levels within the companies we partner with.


We work directly with staff at all levels of experience and management to increase their understanding of themselves, their colleagues, and their organization and help them develop the necessary abilities to be effective, happy, and generating value.

  • Assessment + Development
  • Individual Coaching
  • Training + Workshops


We work with teams within companies and groups of stakeholders to increase cohesion and focus. We help catalyze new ideas, deepen collective learning, focus action, and improve communication.

  • Team Assessment + Development
  • Open Space Learning Sessions
  • Product + Service Innovation


We work at the organizational level to (re)design and implement systems and strategies that increase the health of the company.

  • Human Systems Assessment + Design
  • Business Model Innovation + Design
  • Implementation and ongoing support

Our Core Competencies

Our work blends the disciplines of systems thinking, design, and strategy to help our partners understand what is, imagine what can be, and implement what will be with clear vision and purpose.

The core competencies of our team include:

  • Facilitation
  • Coaching
  • Experience Design
  • Systems Design
  • Organizational Design
  • Business Model Design
  • Leadership Development
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Innovation Practice
  • Storytelling

Examples of Our Work

Creative Leadership + Capacity Building


After rapid growth, a digital creative agency came to us wanting to focus on efficiency and to develop their talented doers into leaders.  We engaged with them across all levels of the organization.

We coached over 75 of their employees and ran workshops to develop specific competencies important to their culture and that enhanced their work. We facilitated project reviews and led interactive sessions with teams to improve dynamics and increase collaboration. Additionally, we redesigned organizational systems including on-boarding and employee reviews. The result was increased efficiency and cohesion across the organization.

Integrated Purpose + Increased Fulfillment


Our work with a small business founder first focused on one-on-one coaching to clearly define her vision for herself and the business and develop a plan for personal and professional growth.

This individual work supported the business and its employees through increased understanding of how to actively integrate purpose into the client and employee experience through key organizational systems and opportunities. The founder and the business was able to engage its community in new ways and develop fulfilling and valuable partnerships that are taking her brand and business to new levels.


Internal Brand Cohesion + Accelerated Growth


We worked with a geographically diverse and expanding design-build firm to increase their team's ability to authentically represent the brand.

We developed a strategy for internal brand cohesion that focused on integrating a deep sense of brand into specific organizational systems and critical touch points throughout the employee’s experience. The result of this work was greater organizational focus and accelerated and efficient growth.

Team Focus + Leadership Transition


An established children’s literacy non-profit asked us to facilitated their annual staff off-site retreat. We designed and led an experience that brought all voices to the table, allowing for sensitive-conversations to become productive dialogue. This engagement created the conditions for the organization to effectively execute their strategic plan and navigate multiple leadership transitions over the next year.

Activities and exercises throughout the day were designed to engage the group in dialogue, increase their understanding of one another, and decide on specific actions that they would take in coming months. The result was increased focus and efficiency through shared language and vision.


International Learning + Targeted Action


We were asked by a global tech firm to lead a conversation among international stakeholders that were in Boston to learn about the innovation economy in Massachusetts.

We designed and facilitated a conversation that focused the groups recent experience and learning on specific actions that each participant and their respective organization would advance when they returned home.

Big Bold Vision + Focused Business Model


Start-up co-founders asked us to help them develop a focused business model that would activate their bold concept and engage their inspired community.

We led the partners through a series of exercises and engagements that defined their core organizational philosophy and strategically focused their business model to leverage short-term opportunities and build toward their long-term vision.