Make Your Place - Wherever You Are

This article was originally posted on the Movers & Makers blog in July 2014. Nearly two years in, we're reflecting on the relevance this post still has - as the business community in Boston continues to grow and evolve, and our sense of place and purpose deepens. - Emily Kanter, Co-founder

July 10, 2014

When we first started to talk about our move out east this coming summer, many Portlanders had a similar reaction: a facial expression that could only be described as a cross between utter disbelief and abject horror.  [ERROR: cannot compute] was plastered across their faces.  And I understood.  Portland is a truly special place, and it has become my home, in all of the best ways possible.  Moving here nearly four years ago to start a romantic relationship with unknown prospects, I was just a little bit nervous.  Portland was a tough place to find a job post-economic downturn, and, well, it rained for 9 months of the year.  But I came to deeply love and appreciate this little western outpost for all of its incredible quirks and charms (yes, even the rain), and simultaneously, Portland’s renown skyrocketed and it became the hotbed of culture, food, and creative lifestyle that it was always meant to be.

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